What led to Hindi2?

The Founder of Hindi2.com developed an interest in learning new languages during her 15-year marriage to a multilingual Filipino who spoke a different primary language. English was not even their second language. That might have been related to their communication problems.


The Dream

Hindi2.com originated as the Founder's aspiration to learn Hindi through translating her own written content supplemented with point-and-click audio. This desire eventually led her to work with private tutors to create the resource she wanted. She believes that having Hindi2.com available from the start would have facilitated a more efficient Hindi learning experience.

Now, the Founder aspires for Hindi2.com to become a valuable resource for others. Her plan is to add breadth and depth to content to appeal to a broader audience than the beta version is starting with. Initially, she will personally curate the content but eventually, she hopes to develop content based on users' interests.

All documents will be categorized by topic and will include multilingual interlinked vocabulary with reference sentences showing words used in context. It will be ok if people just want to listen to stories that promote the values of the Founder, but it will also teach languages to those who desire to learn. All documents will be broken down sentence-by-sentence, word-by-word, language-by-language, script-by-script, and will share Modified Devanagari (MD) as a common phonetic script .

All of the pieces may not be present during the time that the database is being established. Nevertheless, while it's available for free, you will be getting more than you pay for. It will always be a good value. There will always be a free version. Custom content worth paying modest prices for is planned.

Users can anticipate seeing content related to:

Travel information about places the Founder has visited and plans to go, as well as details about her experiences and future plans. She was in Hong Kong at the peak of SARS. Unfortunately, COVID-19 delayed her plans for visiting India. She has spent a significant amount of time in the Philippines and has traveled extensively throughout the USA.

She will also address communication and relationship issues. Her "first love" was an Indian. Now they have 7 marriages between them with none to each other (3/4). They later agreed that if they did get married, it might have worked. Perhaps they would still be together, and the rest of the relationships would have never happened.

Additionally, she will address the topic of spirituality and religion. She has a somewhat unique perspective. She was trained as a Christian minister at Rhema, and her ex of 15 years was a pastor's kid. Currently, she loosely identifies as an agnostic Hindu. Her first friend in India (homepage) grew up in Rajkot, the same place Gandhi. They plan to meet in Pune, where his ashes are. She kind of followed im there. OK, she went there for work as an IT pro. The Founder also has a friend in the USA who is a Bangladeshi lawyer. She grew up in a Muslim family, like her first love did.

Finally, she will address some political issues. In 2016, she was a "lifetime Republican" who voted for Trump. By 2020, she was a Democrat who voted for Biden. So much has changed. She might address a significant number of international political issues, with a focus on USA, as well as South and East Asia.

Hindi2.com will initially be focused on developing a template for teaching between English, Hindi, and Cebuano, primarily through example. Languages, as well as depth and breadth of content will be added over time, depending on some variables.