About English & Other Languages

In terms of Hindi2.com, English is a kind of random language. Cebuano was added to Hindi and English at the beginning, partly to demonstrate teaching between languages without English. Of course, Indian and Filipino languages are very different. Nevertheless, Cebuano is a language that works well with Devanagari. One thing India and the Philippines share in common is that they have a large number of languages in relatively small geographic areas. English is widely spoken in both, but it's not the primary language for anyone. English is NOT compulsory for education across India, but it's commonly known, especially among educated Indians.

An arguemt can certainly be made that English is the most important language for international relations. It's arguably also the most important for communication between people who speak different primary languages across India and the Philippines. The common language MOST likely to be spoken from north to south in the Philippines and India is English. Hindi may have an advantage going from west to east in north India, but English is more widely known in the south. Although Hindi may have an advantage in the north, all dialects are NOT mutually intelligible. Additionally, many Indians in the south are strongly oppposed to adopting compulsory Hindi education. English is compulsory in a lot of Indian schools, but not all. There are many Indians who are opposed to ANY lanugauge being compulsory accross the country. Further, even in areas where Hindi is the primary language, Indians who are not proficient in English face discrimination for thier limited English skills.


Late in 2024, the founder will likely shift the focus of English2Desi.com primarily to teaching English as a foreign language (TEFL) as a DBA of Hindi2.com LLC. English2Desi will not be Devanagari based.

Other world languages

Theoretically, Devanagari could be used to teach phonetic pronuciation of Mandarin Chinese, Japanese, and other random languages. At least one challenge for Devanagari is that it doesn't work well with tonal languages. The first big challenge might be figuring out how Devanagari can be modified for Thai. Hiligaynon may be a problematic Filipino language. If Hindi2.com can overcome the challenges associated with Thai and Hiligaynon, we might be able to do anything.